The Professional Footballers Association of Ghana

Who are we?


This idea became a reality when Mr. Anthony Baffoe, the founder and current General Secretary of The Professional Footballers Association of Ghana met with FIFPro Division Africa Executives in Ghana during the African Cup of Nations in January 2008.

The Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG) is an accredited body by FIFPro, the worldwide representative of all professional players and is a member of the African division.

The PFAG was founded in May 2009 and officially launched in Accra, Ghana on Friday 21 May 2010.

The PFAG aims to build a strong relationship among professional footballers, sustaining and protecting their interests and providing them with skills after their football careers end.

The PFAG also aims to provide a platform to build partnership among all sectors of the football community to ensure that all stakeholders act in unison in the interest of professional footballers and in improving the lives of footballers, leading to the development of sport in Ghana.


An idea borne in the heart of an African Football legend, born and bred in Germany, yet true to his roots, has just begun. A vision to unite all Professional Footballers in Africa has commenced. A true son of Africa who plied his trade in Germany has come back home with one vision: To unite all Professional Footballers in Africa and to give them one voice through what he loves most; the Game of Football.



The Core Values of the PFAG are outlined as the PFAG TRIP.


At the PFAG, there is a complete and absolute trust among our members with each member knowing that trust is of paramount importance.


At the PFAG, we respect all of our members, and also hold the utmost respect for everyone irrespective of their background, ethnicity, faith or age.


At the PFAG, we are interested in the affairs of every footballer, no matter the club or division in which they play. The plight of locally based professional footballers in the lower divisions is as important to us as their foreign-based compatriots.


At the PFAG, we approach our duties with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

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